Heart Academy sports afternoon

On Tuesday the 21st of November 13 children set off on a coach to join the rest of the schools in the HEARTS academy for a sports afternoon. Angel, Archie, Ronnee, Ben, Isabella, Mia, Amelia, Orla, Ryley, William, Abigail, Emily and Faith went with Mrs Marsh and Mrs Goddard to Waterman Primary School. The coach collected children from Wickford Church of England and the children from Stambridge and Briscoe Primary schools came too. After a quick warm up the children were split into 8 coloured teams to race. The races were bean bag balance, under and over, through the hoop, pancake relay, catch the bean bag and beetle run. The winners were announced before the coach returned the children to school

Thank you to Mrs Goddard who accompanied the children to this event and Mrs Murray who volunteered to wash the kit.


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On Tuesday the 14th of November Tolu, Jacob, Harry, Alfie and Isaac went to Wickford Football Club to participate in a Football Festival.

The children participated in some warm up activities and then played mini games against Oakfield Wickford Infants and Grange. Isaac and Tolu both scored goals! The event was organised by Mrs Ford from School Sports Partnership and Clive from Wickford Town Football Club.

The children played brilliantly and were a real credit to the school. Thank you to all the parents who transported to this event.


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Sports hall Athletics

On Tuesday the 17th of October 2017 12 children, 6 year 1 and 6 year 2 – Amelia, Abigail, Emily S, Ryley, Ronnie, Charlie, Angel, Ava, Emily K, Archie, Ronnee and Ben attended The Wickford Sports Hall

Athletics event at Bromfords Secondary School with children from Abacus, Grange, Oakfield, North Crescent and Wickford Infant schools. They were accompanied by Mrs Marsh.

After a quick explaination the children tried so hard at the different activities – Shuttle Runs, Bean Bag Throw, Standing Long Jump and Speed Bounce. Finally there were two relay races, one for Year 1 and another for Year 2.

They all tried their very best and we are very proud of them. Some of our children also achieved some special awards for their individual efforts. Ben got 3rd place for Year 2 boys, Charlie 2nd place for Year 1 boys and Emily got first place for year 1 girls.

Well done!

Thank you to the grown-ups for transporting children to and from the event.


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Rising Stars

On Monday the 2nd of October Charlie, Orla, William, Joshua, Phoebe and Mia joined Mrs Marsh at Abacus Primary school for a Rising Star event organised by the William de Ferrers School Sports Partnership. Children from Abacus, Oakfield, North Crescent and Grange Primary schools also attended this event that was run by coaches from Chelsea Football Club. The children learnt some new ball skills and played a 5 a side game of football.

Thank you to the parents who transported the children to this event.


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Sainsbury’s vouchers

Thank you to all who donated vochers. Also to Mrs Alsford and Mrs Webb who have counted them, We have the most we have ever received and are in the process of placing an order.

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Competitive running

On Wednesday the 13th of July the year two children all went to Beauchamps field to take part in competitive running. Bradley was the fastest boy and Lia the fastest girl. We then had a relay race and class 6 won.


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Teddy Bear Festival

On Tuesday the 10th of July the Year ones attended a Teddy Bear Festival organised by Mrs Ford from the school sports partnership. The event should have been at Beauchamps field but adverse weather meant this was not possible. Instead Crays Hill joined our children in the hall. The children perfected a variety of skills with their Teddy Bears joining them.

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Golden Mile

As part of our PE and in a bid to maintain and improve the school’s fitness levels on Monday the 10th of July the whole school walked a mile. To achieve this we did 6 laps of a circuit which included the Junior School playground, our joint field and the Infant School playground. The Junior School Sports Leaders stamped the children’s cards.P1060493P1060494P1060495P1060496P1060497P1060499

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On Tuesday the 4th of July eleven children attended football and fun games at Wickford Infant school. Clive from Wickford Football club led the session with Mrs Ford from School Sports Partnership. After a quick warm up the children played a grab the balls game, they then played two games, one on a pitch with four goals. The children were amazingly behaved. Thank you once again to the parents who transported the children to this event and Mrs O’Brien who accompanied us as a volunteer.


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Fun Run


On Tuesday 27th June 85 children from Oakfield, Hilltop Infants, Grange, Abacus and North Crescent and Crays Hill enjoyed an afternoon of running organised by Zoe Ford, Wickford School Sport Coordinator. Hilltop were represented by Finley, Rose, Megan, Vincent, Alfie, Mia, Isaac, Casey, Grace, Alan, Angel, Holly, George, James, Elissia and Olivia.

The festival started with a fun warm up and stretch with the Year 6 Oakfield leaders. The children completed their races and received a big cheer from their friends and family as they crossed the finish line!

At the end the children had a relay race. Thank you to all the parents for transporting the children and supporting them so enthusiastically.


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